At CSCI, we haven’t adopted an ivory tower approach to research. The Harbert faculty and students who work with us recognize the importance of directly addressing industry requirements.

Supply Chain Resiliency

Examining the ability to anticipate, adapt to, and recover from network disruptions.

Omnichannel Supply Chains

Investigating the strategic and operational innovations needed to serve today’s customers.

Technology Transformation

Analyzing the role and value proposition of supply chain digitalization.

Stakeholder Integration

Exploring efforts to enhance performance through the alignment of stakeholder interests.

Supply Chain Sustainability

Understanding the pivotal environmental and social impacts of supply chain processes.

Supply Chain Transparency

Assessing the ability to foster accountability and trust through information accessibility.

Applied Research

Aligned with Auburn University’s guiding principles as a land-grant institution dedicated to advancing knowledge and enriching lives, our research team is committed to producing applied research that delivers substantial value to our diverse array of stakeholders. Our portfolio of articles, industry reports, conference presentations, and working papers capture the pulse of current trends and provide actionable insights.

Academic Research

For academic thought leadership, the Auburn University SCM faculty stands at the forefront. Our distinguished research record positions Auburn in the global top 10 institutions for publications in premier empirically focused SCM, logistics, purchasing, transportation, and operations management journals. This work offers bridges academic rigor and practical application with profound managerial implications.

Faculty Experts

Glenn Richey, PhD

Harbert Eminent Scholar

Dr. Richey is a leading researcher in supply chain responsiveness, relationships, and strategy.  An Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Business Logistics, he has presented supply chain, logistics, and international business research in 33 countries on six continents. Dr. Richey holds a PhD from the University of Oklahoma and has extensive industry experience in procurement, sales, manufacturing, warehousing, logistics, operations, and retail consulting in the product wholesaling and paper industries.

Beth Davis-Sramek, PhD

Gayle Parks Forehand Professor

Dr. Davis-Sramek specializes in sustainable supply chain management, emphasizing the need for firms to meet the needs of customers at a profit, while also addressing the environmental and social concerns of their stakeholders. She holds a PhD from the University of Tennessee, is an Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Business Logistics and serves as the Department Chair.

Shashank  Rao, PhD

Jim W. Thompson Professor

Dr. Rao focuses on internet retailing, logistics, and the intersection of development economics and supply chain management. He frequently speaks at academic conferences, executive education seminars, and professional meetings, as well as consults for companies such as Target, Aptar Pharma, and the US Department of Labor.

Rafay Ishfaq, PhD

Reed Family Professor

Dr. Ishfaq specializes in operational and service issues in supply chain management, especially the impact of strategic planning and managerial decision-making on supply chain performance. His research has addressed these issues across various industries, including omnichannel retail, e-commerce, healthcare, energy, automotive, and information systems. He holds a PhD from the University of Alabama and is the founding Faculty Director of SCM Graduate Programs at Auburn University’s Harbert College of Business.

Joe Hanna, PhD

Regions Bank Professor

Dr. Hanna analyzes freight transportation and sourcing issues across the supply chain. A long-time associate dean of research and interim dean for the Harbert College of Business, he serves as Associate Director for the Center for Supply Chain Innovation and works with the TIA Institute for Research & Education. Joe worked in the oil & gas industry and consulting before earning a PhD in Logistics from New Mexico State University.

Brian Gibson, PhD

Wilson Family Professor

Dr. Gibson analyzes the retail supply chain landscape and investigates emerging trends in supply chain management. He is Executive Director for the Center for Supply Chain Innovation and serves as research strategies chair for the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals board of directors. He spent numerous years as a logistics manager in the retail sector prior to earning a PhD from the University of Tennessee.

Tyler Morgan, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Morgan examines transparency and resilience within supply chains, as well as reverse logistics. He has experience in the finance industry and warehousing/distribution. Dr. Morgan earned his Ph.D. from the University of Alabama. 

Tony Roath, PhD

Associate Professor

Dr. Roath focuses on understanding how supply chain networks respond to global environments. He previously served in the US Air Force and worked in management consulting. Dr. Roath earned his PhD from Michigan State University.

LaDonna Thornton, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Thornton examines political and social dynamics that impact the well-being and performance of supply chain employees. In addition, she studies transformative supply chains focused on improving stakeholder and customer well-being. She has experience in distribution and the transportation industry and holds a PhD in Logistics from the University of Tennessee.

Jessica Darby, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Darby explores how outside forces, such as government, regulatory agencies, and financial markets, influence supply chain operations and decision-making. She holds a PhD in Supply Chain Management from the University of Arkansas and previously worked as a commodity analyst.

Dustin Cole, PhD

Assistant Professor

Dr. Cole investigates how companies can be better community partners from both a social and environmental perspective. He holds a PhD in Operations & Sourcing Management from Michigan State University and, prior to his academic career, spent six years in sourcing at Mayville Engineering Company.

Mark Clark, PhD

Clinical Professor

Dr. Clark focuses on quality management and business analytics and serves as an instructor in Harbert’s Executive MBA program and. He holds a doctorate in industrial and systems engineering and spent eight years in the pulp and paper industry prior to joining Auburn.

What our partners are saying

“Buddy Moore Trucking’s engagement with CSCI has become a cornerstone of our strategic plan to better position ourselves in the supply chain space for the 21st century including access to world class faculty and students as well as being the recipient of data analysis from student led projects that helps us be better corporate citizens of the world while meeting our customer needs and financial goals.”

Susan Kirkpatrick

Executive Vice President and CFO